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New COURSE using Dr. Sandra Bonura’s award winning book.

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Research has indicated that teachers and counselors lose touch with their original zeal and begin to experience disillusionment, a sense of despair and can get “stuck along the way” which in time can lead to burnout. Few topics have been given more attention in leadership literature than vision. Some have suggested that vision is the one common denominator of leaders, the driving force behind their desire to gain influence with followers. If vision is “what you see” as a leader, passion makes what you see important. Vision without passion is mechanical. Vision with passion is inspirational. We will look at your own distinctive passions and interests as a springboard for that conversation.

“Passion is not just a personality trait that some people have and others lack, but rather something discoverable, teachable, and reproducible, even when the regularities of school life gang up against it.”

Light in the Queen’s Garden chronicles the life of Ida Pope, a transformational type of leader in any era, who was handpicked to establish the Kamehameha School for Girls. This institution was established in 1894 by the estate of Princess Pauahi, the last of the royal Kamehameha line, & dedicated to the education of girls of Hawaiian ancestry. When twenty-eight-year-old Ida left Ohio, to accept a “temporary” teaching assignment in Honolulu, she couldn’t have imagined it would become a lifelong career of service to Hawaiian women. Nor could she have envisioned she would become closely involved in the greatest political turmoil the Hawaiians had ever experienced. Ida Pope’s firsthand account of the years that brought her pupils into womanhood during the annexation of their kingdom tells an important story about the Hawaiians & a rapidly changing world. As she worked with forces like Queen Liliuokalani & Charles Bishop, Ida in turn became a force shaping society for future generations of Hawaiian women.


BOOK FOR THIS COURSE: Bonura, Sandra. Light in the Queen’s Garden: Ida May Pope, Pioneer for Hawai‘i’s Daughters. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, 2017


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